Cheré Cannon - Owner & Pilates Instructor

I first starting practicing Reformer Pilates in 2013 after struggling to recover from a shoulder operation. Failed attempts at rehabilitation through my regular exercise routine at the gym had left me frustrated. Reformer pilates took my recovery from strength to strength and I was pilates addicted!

In 2014 I completed my training to become a Reformer instructor and instructed on a casual basis while I still worked full time in my career as a lawyer.

By the end of 2015 I’d decided a break from the law was in order and in early 2016 I opened my first pilates studio. At this time my intention had been to return to the law someday, even if it was in a part time capacity so that I could continue both facets of my working life. Well those intensions went out the door shortly after I began my first studio. Life had changed and I felt rewarded with a new purpose in helping people feel strong and great about and in themselves.

I love that I can be teaching a class and have a young burly rugby player working out next to a postpartum mum, and an elderly couple. For me, pilates helps me feel strong mentally and physically, and I’m rewarded having the ability to share this with others.