Our studio offers free child-minding during select class times to help support our Mums and Dads who find it hard to get some time to themselves.

You will see our Crèche classes on our timetable. Children are looked after by a child minder in a separate room right next to the studio room. We have no age restrictions for this service.

The Crèche room may be used by children who are old enough not to be supervised during any of the class times that Crèche is not running. For classes other than Crèche classes, children are the responsibility of the parents and need to be monitored by their parent throughout the class if needed.

Refer to our Timetable for current Crèche classes. For Crèche bookings or enquiries please contact the studio on or 0468 512 447.

Crèche Guidelines:

Before and after class children are the responsibility of the parents/guardians and must be supervised at all times.

Children are to remain in the crèche area at all times throughout the class. If your child goes out onto the studio floor during a class you are to return them immediately to the crèche area for their own safety and the safety of others.

Studio equipment is not to be played with by children at anytime as it could cause serious injuries to them and others around them.

If a child needs to use the toilet during the class parents/guardians need to be on hand to take them.

Nappies are to be changed by parents only.

iPads/tablets and phones may be used by children at your own risk.

Any items left behind in the crèche will be placed in lost property.

Please feel free to pack snacks for your children and inform us of any allergies they may have.

Bottles for babies are welcome but cannot be heated.